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About Snowball

Snowball is on a mission to democratize personal finance by creating outstanding human interactions and growing our most precious asset: the Snowball community’s trust. The relationships we built with Snowball’s community members are everything to us, and we want to maintain those as our fintech business grows because traits like trust, compassion, and empathy are human qualities that few financial services managed to scale.

This trust and this amazing community help us to go faster and stronger. Thanks to it, new creators - inspired by Yoann, are soon joining Snowball to launch their own NL and when we launched Money Coach, dozens of professionals (Accredited Financial Advisors) raised their hands to be part of the project as well.

Growing this machine of trust, we want to reimagine the way a fintech business grows by bringing customer relationships to the center of our focus.

We are looking for an experienced tech talent to help us build the next chapter of Snowball - owning the tech strategy and direction. This role is perfect for a curious and collaborative full-stack product leader who is comfortable shaping her role, getting her hands dirty, and who can provide direction and inspiration.

What is Snowball product vision

  1. Snowball wants to reinvent how human beings think and manage their wealth. Its vision is to allow as many people as possible to not only access to investing, but also and most importantly, to allow them to build the financial independence they’re aiming at.

  2. Snowball wants to build an investment super app coupled with a Media arm fuelling the growth and the trust in the former. The Media Arm of Snowball will also be a big source of revenue for the company and ensure we provide useful and independent advice to our community of users and customers. Remember that Harvard generates 30% of its revenues thanks to its Media Arm called Harvard Business Review!

  3. Snowball wants to “be where our users are” and try to avoid disrupting their usage as much as possible, that’s why emails and WhatsApp messages are key to creating the experience our users love. We want to be their companion and provide a best-in-class customer relationship.

  4. We want to become the primary way people grow their financial culture and complete nearly all of their financial tasks, so instead of building everything and more specifically all the financial products we want to offer, we would like to leverage APIs, web3, and tech to foster cooperation across the fintech ecosystem to deliver an open and equitable economic system that works for everyone. If we think creating our own financial products will create more value for our customers, for sure we will make it happen - like Revolut is doing it with trading.

    Yes, Snowball’s product will look like a super-app allowing you to invest in a wide variety of assets (stocks, cryptos, startups, collectibles, etc.). But like Disney+ and Netflix, since we will know what our community members like and need: what financial product, what kind of support they need to achieve their goals, and what content they would like to see more… we will offer a mix of product and services we created and other created by others.

  5. The experience will be as easy and great as possible, with some gamification twist to be serious but not boring. Unlike Robinhood or other apps, it’ll be aligned with the investors’ interest and it won’t push them to act dangerously (options trading, CFD, FOMO, etc.). That’s why we think that the financial advice coupled with the product to invest vs. the payment or the fintech marketplace might be a good way to grow our super app.

    We want to build a trust machine whose backbone will be the customer relationship: from Social Networks to Snowball’s NL, to our Financial Advisor - aka the Money Coach, to investing via Snowball.

Other things we care about and dream about

  1. All of this, at one point, will be built upon (or next to) Web3 Foundation. It means that we’d like to launch a $SNOW token not to speculate but to power an engagement machine: lower fees, incentives, access to new features, pay the community with tokens for doing some tasks, etc. Oh, and you know the Snowflakes? Well, with the $SNOW token, Snowball will be able to redistribute you a part of its profits directly. Nexo, the crypto giant, used to do that with its token $NEXO.
  2. On the positive impact side of the business, Snowball will continue to donate a part of its profits to organizations, and as Snowball will grow, Les Flocons (the charity I created) will grow as well and try to educate the youth and their families on important financial topics you can’t learn at school.
  3. Snowball could be progressively decentralized and potentially become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) run by its community at one point. This if far away, and we’ll have to think deeply about this.

📊 Key figures

💰 A company with strong finances

<aside> 💸 Snowball is a company with solid finances and revenues

In February 2022, Snowball raised nearly 1.6 million euros with its community. To learn more about this crowdfunding, click here.

Snowball is now about 400 000 euros of income per year (250 000 euros through subscriptions and 150 000 euros through sponsorship) for a unique newsletter.

More info here in Behind the Curtain